Slovenia – Mountain biking along the crystal clear Soča

Slovenia – Mountain biking along the crystal clear Soča

As already predicted in the previous post our little road trip was meant to lead us to Slovenia, through the Julian Alps in the center of the Triglav National park to be precise. There we planned to see a new region of the Alps and cycle some tours. We started our journey in Bovec, where we met my cousin, his girlfriend and another buddy right on the first day. They were already on holiday there for a while. As a start we made a small walk along the crystal clear Soča-River, then Mo and I made a small tour on our bikes to explore the environment. The evening we all spent together at the campground, having a big barbecue. 

The next day we wanted to start a bigger tour which would result in a great downhill ride. Therefore we cycled up the gravel road leading to the mid-station of the Kanin-Gondola, from where we could enjoy our first downhill ride in Slovenia. Back in Bovec, we finalized our tour with a huge ice cream bowl and then said goodbye to my cousin and the crew, who finished their holiday and made their way back home. Mo and I travelled along, a bit upstream, into the Triglav National Park. There we found a cozy campground on a farm, where we spent two nights. This upper part close to the headwaters, the Soča-River winds it’s way through narrow canyons, which look pretty impressive. During the evening we still sat together with our neighbours from other campsites and tried to dry our wet clothes. However, the two days up there were too wet, so we ended up moving on with our clothes still half wet. Another big tour was on our schedule, which would definitely test our limits. It really did, because 1400 vertical meters with a bike are a pretty terrific project. Also, there were stretches on this tour where we had to push or even carry our bikes uphill. However, in the end, we got e pretty satisfying run out of these efforts. 

We were so exhausted by this strenuous day, that we cancelled a planned via-ferrata tour on the next day. The next destination was Kobarid, still in the Soča-Valley. There we found, once more, a very cozy campground, which we could use as a base for the next days’ tour. On that one, we would be joined by two friends of Mo. Their names were Moritz and Katja. This is no typo here, we were three Moritz’s now. However, before we started on the next day, we still spent a satisfying evening together on the campground and at the Soča. 

But now, let’s talk about the tour. We got this tour advised by my cousin because there would be a long downhill trail available for the descent. Still, we had to gain 1100 vertical meters first, which made us soaking wet from the sweat. Yet, after a short section of pushing at the highest altitude, we reached a super flowy trail on an old mule track. Unfortunately, I managed to make a small mistake on the ride down which lead to a fall onto my right hand. I could still finish the tour, but my hand was really in pain afterwards. There’s nothing to change that, from now on I would leave the bike on the bike rack to cure my hand again. Biking on with a swollen hand would not be very healthy. Still, I was pretty bummed that night, that my mountain bike experience in Slovenia was now already over. Only a great dinner together with all the others helped to lift my mood again. 

Mo and I still had the plan to visit the Lake Bohinjsko and the famous Lake Bled and because of that, we continued our journey still in the evening of the same day. The other two we would meet again two days later. Leading to the Lake Bohinjsko we drove the curviest roads I ever drove in my life only to reach this beautiful lake snuggled into the mountains of the eastern part of the National Park. After a few hours there we moved on to the touristic center around the Lake Bled, which we only visited shortly and then travelled on to Kranjska Gora. There the other there guys would go biking again, I would choose the hiking boots to explore our environment on foot. I chose a hike up to the Techatinger Mittagskogel, from where I could enjoy views deep into the Julian Alps but also towards Austria and its cities Villach and Klagenfurt. Later that day, in the evening, we all met at the campground again and then drove into town to go out for dinner. 

The following day Mo and I finally said goodbye to Slovenia and is beautiful nature and started our long way back home. There’s definitely a lot of good memories of this wild, natural country, which still has a lot of places to discover. 



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