Banff National Park – the final of the big road trip

Banff National Park – the final of the big road trip

It happened to be that we got to the last pitch of our great road trip. That one lead us further through the heart of the Canadian rockies, through the Banff National Park. We started our stay in the park with the most obligatory visit of Moraine Lake. I was up there for the sixth time now and it’s always been the same: I was speechless.

You can’t be anything else than impressed by this place.

This place is, and will always be one of my favorites on this planet. It’s almost unnatural to have such a crazy blue glacier water filling the lake at the bottom of the Valley of the Ten Peaks. Moraine Lake is definitely one of the biggest factors that drew me to Canada. It’s great to be back!

The fascinating blue of Moraine Lake.

After a while in this idyllic place Mira and I moved on to our next little backcountry trip. That one led us to Taylor lake, a pretty easy accessible mountain lake. This lake was pretty beautiful as well, though the color wasn’t as terrific as that of Moraine Lake.

Camping at the Taylor Lake.

Still, we had a wonderful time up there, especially because of a bottle of Gin and Tonic which we still had from Mira’s birthday and haven’t touched it ever since. This time did not have to drive in the evening anymore so we could enjoy it without hesitation, which led to a very funny evening with the other guests of the campground.

A good sip in the mountains.

Also, because we would get back to the car on the next day already, we didn’t worry  too much about being fit on the next day either. The gin was of high quality though and without any tough aftermath of the night we hiked back to the car and drove on to Banff. There we spent another two days, among them July 1st, Canada Day. On this day the town hosted a parade, concerts and a rather small firework in the evening.

Sunset over Mount Rundle, Banff’s icon.

The day after we drove on to Canmore to fill up our supplies and pick up a friend of Mira, that would join us on our next backcountry trip. Her name’s Annika and she knew Mira from Innsbruck. Once we drove back to the park later on, it was very entertaining to see Annikas fascination for this place. Having her in our group now it’s been time to, obviously, get to Moraine Lake again. You just can’t get there often enough.

Another trip to Moraine Lake.

Another night in Lake Louise went by and early in the morning we packed our stuff to drive on to Yoho National Park, where our four day adventure was about to start. Our day’s goal was to reach the McArthur Creek campground, deep in the backcountry of the park. With loads of food and two tents we started the long hike of about 15 kilometers along the Otter Creek to the McArthur Campground.

Our backpacks sure were big and heavy.

Here and there we could see the creek through the forest, from time to time a few peaks were visible as well but that’s about all there is to say about the entire trail.

The Otter Creek winding through the valley.

The great places would come up during the next stage of our trip, but we’re not there yet. First we set up our camp on the first campground and cooked dinner at the nearby warden cabin.

The greyish weather obscured the best things of the view from the cabin.

God bless that this was there because shortly afterwards it started to rain and we could seek shelter unter the extended roof at the entrance.

The warden cabin at the McArthur Creek.

A little while later a young guy arrived on a bike and joined us there. He worked for the park campgrounds and brought to us the unsatisfying news, that the rain would continue for another two days, as of the current forecast. This must’ve just changed within the last day, as it still looked good when we had planned our trip. Let’s see what will actually happen. In fact, it rained the entire evening and also during the night the rain did not stop.

Our camp in the woods.

Even for the breakfast we went to the cabin again to have a dry space. After some hours of patiently waiting we used our satellite device to obtain current weather data, which still looked bad. Our trip seemed to be soaking wet again. Traveling on would end up being no fun and might even expose a certain risk of being in the mountains. That’s why we decided to cancel the rest of the trip and hike back to the car. We hiked through the continuous rain until we were soaking wet from top to bottom and still continued after that to eventually reach our van. And because the weather seemed to be quite bad everywhere else, too, we decided to drive over to Revelstoke and finish our great Alaska Trip a few days earlier than anticipated. 



  1. Oda Staudte-Klausmann
    Thursday July 11th, 2019 / 06:37 PM

    Lieber Moritz, die Farbe des Moraine Lakes ist ja wirklich unglaublich!! Aber das Bild auf deiner Postkarte fasziniert mich noch mehr!!! Herzlichen Dank für deine Mühe. Wir haben uns sehr gefreut, auch auf diese traditionelle Art von dir zu hören… bzw zu lesen. Wir freuen uns, dass du all deine Abenteuer gut überstanden hast und wünschen dir eine gute Heimreise mit nicht allzu viel Wehmut im Gepäck… . Wir freuen uns auf dich … LG Oda und Hubert

    • Sunday July 14th, 2019 / 06:35 AM

      Vielen Dank! Wehmut lass eich erstmal beiseite, zu viel gepäck habe ich leider trotzdem. Das wird nochmal abenteuerlich, damit zurück zu kommen. Grüße zurück und hoffentlich bis bald!

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