Jasper National Park – back in the Rockies

Jasper National Park – back in the Rockies

The Rockies had us back and that was good. Here, I knew my way and what’s going on, still, there were so many great things to do and discover. Mira’s birthday was just around the corner and I had a plan about what we could do on that day. However, we still had three days before that where we could start our explorations. We first reached the National Park from the Northeast entrance and visited the Miette Hot Springs, which I really can’t recommend at all, as they are just ugly. Funny though, we saw a black bear taking a nap high up in a tree. With this sight in our memories, we moved on to the town of Jasper itself and had our dinner at the shore of the Pyramid Lake. 

The next day we decided to attempt summiting the mountain right behind Pyramid Lake, certainly Pyramid Mountain. Only we were too stupid to read the trail description properly. There it said that it is about 11 kilometers and 750 vertical meters to get to the base of the real mountain and not to the summit. We only figured that out once we were already exhausted and tried to climb the steep slopes. We were tired and didn’t wanna go further, so we decided to just hang out by a beautiful lake up there. After a nice little break, we then started our way back. Like the way up, also the way down seemed to be endless and we got very heavy legs once we finally got back to our van. Anyhow, the day was still kind of nice and quiet success. 

The last day before Mira’s birthday started with continuous rain. This made us using this time in the public library of Jasper to do some office work. in the meantime I almost frantically kept checking the weather forecast, hoping that it would clear up later on so my birthday surprise trip would work out. The forecast predicted better weather and I tried to appear not too nervous. And then, as I was hoping all day long, the clouds slowly disappeared and we could start. What my surprise was I will only unveil in my next report, here I will just leave you with some impressions from the following slideshow. 



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