The Northern Rockies – the plan that fell through

The Northern Rockies – the plan that fell through

Our trip through the North slowly approached its end, but also on our way down South our route offered many possibilities for outdoor recreation. We started our journey from Whitehorse on the Alaska Highway, which we would now follow to its very end. Everything started quite well and after our first pitch, we camped at the shore of the Morley Lake, already in British Columbia. The next day we continued our journey while the sun was still shining and reached the Liard Hot Springs by the evening where we enjoyed a soak after dinner. The day afterward came and we approached the Northern Rockies, where we had planned some more backcountry trips. However, in the morning we woke up to a rather gloomy sky and here and there it rained already. We updated our weather forecast at the lodge in the park and realized: our potential backcountry trip would end up pretty soaked. Too bad, I really would’ve liked to spend a lot more time in this beautiful area, but with this perspective, it wouldn’t be fun at all. Also, Mira’s birthday was approaching and we really wanted to try to spend it somewhere with good weather. So this made us decide that our journey on this day would still lead us further down South, where we hoped to experience some great Adventures around Jasper, Banff and the Yoho National Park. The only thing that stayed in our memories from the Northern Rockies this time, is a lot of wildlife we experienced right from the Alaska Highway. Those were great to photograph, so I’ve put together a little slideshow for you.



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