Old friends on the Stewart-Cassiar Highway

Old friends on the Stewart-Cassiar Highway

For our way up north I chose the same route that Moritz and I had taken before. This meant that we would drive along the Stewart-Cassiar Highway behind the Coastal Mountains. This road has been one of the big highlights on our road trip two years ago and this time it seemed to be that case again as the weather was cooperating. A good sign for a nice drive! This time we could already gaze at the snow-topped summits of the Coastal Mountains when we reached Smithers. 

We are back in the mountains, yay!

As soon as we left the Highway 16 and turned on the Stewart-Cassiar Highway we found ourselves in true Canadian Wilderness again, with tons of bears roaming along the edge of the Highway. And now a little quiz: What do you best do, when you see a big black bear at the shoulder of the highway? Yeah, you turn of about 100 meters later and look for a sweet camping spot, hoping that this guy doesn’t join you for dinner.

How about having this fella over for dinner?

This sweet camping spot was the Bonus Lake Recreation Site, a true gem right at the shore of the lake. You can‘t just drive past this place.

View from our Campground, Definitely photo time!

The next morning we followed the Highway up North again until we reached the turnoff towards Stewart. This time it was no option to not visit that little town, that I didn’t see on my last road trip. Along the road leading to Stewart, we drove over the summit of the pass right next to the Bear Glacier, a first big déjà vue!

You think this photo looks familiar to you? photo: Mira
You’re right, this was two years ago at the same place!

The last time Moritz and I turned around at this place, this time Mira and I continued along the Road down to the Pacific Coast to the lovely town of Stewart.

From the mountains to the sea, Stewart makes it possible!

There we enjoyed a coffee, strolled around a bit and shortly afterward quickly went to Alaska. Yep, down there was the most Southern access to Alaska and the town of Hyder, the „friendliest ghost town“ in the entire state. No border control, no nothing, as all the ways from here were leading back into Canada.

First time Alaska for this year!

And so did ours. Our goal was to hit a 30-kilometer gravel road that would lead us to the huge Salmon Glacier. Only bad, that the road was just plowed to kilometer 22 and we faced a deep snowpack in front of us. Well, most people would’ve turned around here, but not the two of us, as we were on a ski road trip, right? So we spontaneously decided to get our gear out and move on from there on our skis. But also this adventure turned out to be more strenuous than anticipated, as the snow was melted off the road in quite a lot of places and we ended up carrying our skis a lot of times. And finally, at the viewpoint, we were aiming for the actual view wasn’t that great either, as the glacier was mostly obscured by trees. However, somehow it’s been still beautiful up there and doing some sport on a long road trip isn’t a bad thing either.

Skiing without snow…. our calculations went a bit wrong that day.

After this, let’s call it complicated, ski tour we drove back to Hyder and then back over the border to Stewart, this time with border officers checking our passports. And after that it was time to leave this beautiful place again, heading back to the actual Stewart-Cassiar Highway which led us further up North. During the last hour of today’s drive, the sun was slowly setting and shone on the snow-covered summits around us. The Stewart-Cassiar Highway was delivering everything it has to offer again! Pretty darn epic!

As the light was slowly fading…
… the summits shone brightly out of the distance,…
… the highest of them still catching some sun rays.

For the night I had another old friend on the radar. At the Bob Quinn Lake Moritz and I already spent a night two years ago and we were blown away by the beauty of this place. Reason enough, to head there again.

Bob Quinn 2,0, still pretty epic!

And same as before the mountainous scenery appeared in a storybook-like light. The second time being at this lake is still a very special thing!

No words needed for this!

The morning after Mira and I slept I and enjoyed a great breakfast in the sun. Afterward, we hit the road again, slowly leaving the Coastal Mountains and entering the Cassiar Mountains. These appeared to us in a very moody light and I could actually not remember those mountains to bet this spectacular.

Scenic drive through the Cassiar Mountains.

Also we quickly stopped in Jade City, a place that is more like a single big property on which jade-jewellery, jade-stones and other souvenirs from the mine nearby were sold.

There was definitely no space in our car to carry rocks with us…

As it was already afternoon, we all left this place behind and drove further to the little town Good Hope Lake at the edge of the Cassiar Mountains.

The Good Hope Lake.

Now we ventured out onto the vast, open landscape towards the border to the Yukon Territory.

Bye bye mountains, it was beautiful!

Again we had to pass those large areas which burned down during heavy forest fires in Northern BC that I already reported about earlier.

New life in an elsewhere dead place…

And then, finally, we reached the border to the Yukon Territory and finished our beautiful journey along the Stewart-Cassiar Highway.


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