Revelstoke 2.0 – the second half of the winter

Revelstoke 2.0 – the second half of the winter

So, winter in Revelstoke is already over for me again. Since I last reported here tonnes of things happened. T report about all of them would be way too much effort so I will just write a summary of all the highlights. Those highlights definitely include all those touring days that I’ve spent in the Revelstoke Backcountry and up at Rogers Pass, however, also the guiding days with Hagen Alpin Tours, which led me to different ski areas, were really great experiences.

Here in Canada a lot of people were complaining about a very dry winter with less snow than usual, however, I didn’t really bother about that, as I always ventured far enough in the backcountry to still find some light, untracked powder. The cold temperatures that came along with the dry weather weren’t too big of a deal either as my touring activity usually kept me warm. Only a few guiding days in the resort were quite uncomfortable. It can’t be always a fun job, but the benefits are definitely worth it. By now I can already look back on 113 skiing days this winter. Each of those helped me to get a better, more experienced skier. In addition to that, I could gain a lot of experience during all the courses that I did over the last weeks and months. I already mentioned the AST1 (Avalanche Safety Training) and AST2 in the previous post, now I got tickets for a Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue Course and an Operations Level 1 Course, which qualifies me to work in the avalanche industry. 

In conclusion, I can definitely look back on another successful season. That’s what makes it really hard now to leave Revelstoke and say goodbye to all my friends. No other place ever made me wake up every day with excitement and the feeling of happiness just to be there. 

But for now, there are other adventures to be lived. Because; guess what, winter is not over yet… at least not in Alaska! And that’s where I am heading now! Road-Trip-Mode ON, let’s hit the road!



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  1. Gerhard Schnitzer
    Thursday April 18th, 2019 / 04:26 PM

    Hallo Moritz, totaler Wahnsinn diese schönen Fotos, echt beeindruckend was du alles erlebst, ich wünsche dir weiterhin eine tolle Zeit, LG Gerhard aus Wien

    • Friday April 19th, 2019 / 04:07 AM

      Danke danke, die Zeit hier ist wirklich unglaublich! Im Juli komme ich zurück, dann kann ich mal persönlich berichten!

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