Revelstoke 2.0 – the next winter in Canada

Revelstoke 2.0 – the next winter in Canada

It’s been a while that i reported here on this site but now I sure have enough photos that I would like to present you in another gallery. The subject: Winter in Revelstoke and its surrounding area. Sounds familiar? Sure, that was the subject last winter already, however, this winter seems like an ultimate improvement of last year. No heliskiing this time, therefore a lot more ski touring. ‚Earn your turns‘, right? In general I spend a lot more time in the backcountry this winter than I did last season which really increases my skill level. Also I managed to get my first qualifications done, the Avalanche Skills Training  Level 1 and Level 2, something like a first little step towards a potential job opportunity in this interesting field. In addition to that my current profession as a guide for German ski tourists in the ski area helps a lot towards this goal and is actually a lot of fun, too. Altogether, I’m doing quite fine again this winter. 

This winter I’ve met so many old friends from last year again but also made so many new friends that I really never get bored. It’s just that everyone here has the same mentality. 

As the photos will most likely show my fascination for this place I will not move any further into detail for now. There soon will be new adventures to report about.



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