The Eagle Walk – start in the Kaiser Mountains

The Eagle Walk – start in the Kaiser Mountains

Here we go, finally, I started my long tour through Tirol in St. Johann on the 30th of August, 2018. Around noon, I arrived on the train and marched to the official start of the trail, which was marked by a big eagle statue. On this late summer afternoon the sun was burning down and the temperatures were high, so I was fighting right from the beginning with my backpack weighing 20 kilograms. We may as well expect the worst. With a lot of effort and many breaks, I fought myself up the mountain, until, in the end, I reached the first stage’s destination, the Gaudeamus Hut. It’s not been too late, so I still went on and climbed another slope to the next hut, the Grutten Hut, where I spent the night. How I would manage the next days, I didn’t know, because bad weather was on the way. And, also, I had to get further quickly, as I wanted to meet my buddy Kenny in a couple of days to start stage 8 in the Karwendel Mountains.

Therefore I stood up early the next morning to make as much of a distance as possible, maybe even two stages. But after only a few hours the rain started, and not only a little bit. Quickly my mood changed and I was very bothered by the cheerless walking through the rain. I realized that this would not work out like this. Additionally, my backpack was so packed with stuff, that my rain cover didn’t fit over it anymore. This is madness. I really had to change my plans. The prospect of at least two more days of rain drove me to my knees and for now, I traveled back to Munich. Some days later I will start the stages through the Karwendel together with my friend Kenny. So far I managed to pass the Kaiser Mountains, but the Brandenberger Alps I have to skip. Whatever, I’m more excited about the Karwendel Mountains anyways!



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