Summer in Europe – preparations for the next trip

Summer in Europe – preparations for the next trip

I am back!

Holy cow, now I really spent quite a long time elsewhere but on this blog. Time to change that! The reason for that is my upcoming trip which definitely matches the category of holiday and traveling and should, therefore, be reported on my travel blog. 

What happened this summer so far

Before I reveal to you my next destination, I first want to summarize quickly my summer activities. Primarily, my focus laid on cashing up after my year in Canada and to prepare for the upcoming season there. Ta-da! First surprise! I’ll go back to Canada for another winter. To Revelstoke again, to be more precise! As you remember, I reported from this great place quite a few times. However, this is not the trip I want to focus on in this post. This time we do not have to travel that far, only to the neighboring region of Tirol in Austria. Because of the vicinity to Munich I’ve spent quite a bit of time there this summer experiencing different adventures ranging from multi-day hikes to my first via ferrata experiences. But the big trip is just about to come up.

On the track of the Eagle

This subheading should already give you a hint on what to come. All across Tirol, there’s a long-distance trail, called the Eagle-Trail, which I want to start hiking next week. From this long-distance trail, I chose 23 of the 33 stages that I want to cover starting next Wednesday. They are all part of the northern Limestone Alps between St. Johann in Tirol and St. Christoph at the Arlberg. On my way, I will pass the Kaiser Mountains, the Brandenburger Alps, the Karwendel, the Wetterstein and the Lechtal Alps. A whole lot of nature. The distance covered on my way will be about 320 kilometers of which the hard part will be the 23.000 vertical meters to climb. But that’s what I trained for over the summer. Different from the wild multi-day experiences in North America I will find huts all along the trail to spend the nights at. Still, I plan to take camping equipment with me, mostly for cooking my own meals to keep the budget low. 

Reporting on Instagram

To keep you up to date my primary and only channel will be Instagram, as I won’t take my notebook with me which would be essential to maintain this blog. All those who don’t use Instagram can simply follow this LINK to access my profile landing page without registration. Also, all my posts can be found in the side column of this page and at the very end of it at the bottom. When my trip is finished, I will continue to report more detailed on this blog again. See you then.

Impressions from this year’s summer



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