Skitouring in Revelstoke – earn your powder lines

Skitouring in Revelstoke – earn your powder lines

Let’s go on with the ultimate Revy madness. Since my last post, several weeks have passed again, which were everything else than unspectacular. Of course, during the peak season I had quite a few more shifts to work with Selkirk Tangiers Heliskiing, but in my free time, one highlight was chasing the other one. Altogether I spent nine days on the helicopter so far this season and who knows, maybe it works out another time towards the end of the season. But except those days I more and more developed to be a great winter fan, even more, than I was before. A big part of this development was ski touring, which I started this season. Surely, I had to invest quite a big amount of money into proper equipment, but nowhere else I would ever profit so much from great deals either over my workplace or just over the great second-hand culture of Revelstoke. And on top of it, Revelstoke offers just the best environment with the right experts around me to start ski touring. Either it’s just some simple touring out of the Revelstoke Mountain Resort or some advanced trips to Rogers Pass in the Glacier National Park, by going out on a ski tour you could really earn your perfect powder line. Here I have some new impressions from some of the touring trips I did together with my friends from Revy.



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  1. Oda
    Tuesday April 3rd, 2018 / 09:18 PM

    Wow, Moritz!!!! Das ist ja wirklich großartig !!! Bei jedem Ski-Fan steigt da der Neid-Faktor in unermessliche Höhen!!! Genieße weiterhin Deine Zeit dort! Ganz herzliche Grüße von Oda und Hubert. P S:Kommst Du denn überhaupt noch mal wieder zurück???

    • Thursday April 5th, 2018 / 12:36 AM

      Hi Oda,
      ich muss dir zustimmen, was hier möglich ist ist wirklich beneidenswert und wird mir un Zukunft schon sehr abgehen. Ich werde am 23. April wieder zurück nach Deutschland kommen und dann erstmal, zumindest für den Sommer, dort bleiben. Dann sehen wir weiter. Grüße aus Kanada!

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