Revelstoke – the winter is coming

Revelstoke – the winter is coming

The first three weeks in Revelstoke are over and it is time to give you a bit of an update. In the evening of the 8th of December, I arrived in Revelstoke, after I have been driving during the day from Calgary through the Rocky Mountains and over the snow-covered Rogers Pass. I was back in the mountains! Awesome!

The same evening I moved into my room which I already managed to rent during summer and which I would call home for the next three and a half months. I now lived at my hosts Cathy and Jamie, who rent out four rooms in their huge house. Besides from them, there are Chris and Joj from England, Dario from Germany and his girlfriend Isi from Austria. So I definitely have good company here.

Also, what really makes me happy as well is that my one and only travel buddy Moritz is spending another season here in Revelstoke and lives at his lovely hosts Hans and Catherine again. As I haven’t seen them in a while I decided to visit them right away after I finished packing out my car. After only a couple of hours back in Revelstoke I already felt like home again.

During the first week, my goals were to find myself some Skiing equipment, as I haven’t brought over everything from Europe. I was lucky as there were Demo Sessions during that week, which allowed me to rent some skis for only a donation to the food bank in return. Because of that, it happened that I already got my season pass the next morning and hit the slopes on the greatest mountain in the world, the Mount Mackenzie! There wasn’t any powder yet, but for the beginning, I was completely satisfied with the groomed terrain. I went on like that for the next three days and always used the afternoons to find myself some used skis. Revelstoke is a repository for used equipment and either Facebook or the own website TheStokeList were helping me a lot to gain some overview. After less than a week I found some great powder skis, that were now waiting to be tested. Unfortunately, on my fourth day on the hill, I got some great issues with my ankle. In the rental, I got offered to adjust my boots and get some footbeds, but regarding the pain, I was sure that this wouldn’t solve all of my problems. Instead I went to town to check for other solutions and found one that was quite expensive, but also just perfect for me: I bought some new ski boots, two sizes smaller than the ones I had before to fit them properly around my ankle, got some custom liners and footbeds for them and got the front punched out a bit to get enough room for my toes. I haven’t really planned to spend so much money here, but good boots are just essential and these were an investment into the next years as well. So far so good, by the time Christmas was approaching and we finally got some big dumps of snow. By that, I experienced my first real powder days. Absolutely phenomenal! The ankle still kept doing some issues, but those weren’t due to the boots, but just because it was still sore. Until now I spent twelve days up on the hill, four of them were really good powder days. And already after those twelve days, this was the greatest skiing season I ever had. But hold on, there’s still a lot to come!

Besides from skiing I spent a lot of time with organizational stuff and was still working on my computer on some tasks that I got from the farm I did my internship at. Also, the Christmas Days didn’t come too short. In the evening of the 24th, which wasn’t really Christmas here yet, Dario, Isi and I made a great cheese fondue, followed by some own made Glühwein, which we shared with our hosts Cathy and Jamie. Then, on the 25th, the real Christmas here, I was invited over to Hans and Catherine for Christmas Dinner. It included the traditional turkey with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables, all freshly made by the chef Hans personally.

Altogether I can really look back at a fantastic time so far, that could only ever get better. For now, New Year’s Eve stands on top of the schedule and after that, I soon will start working at the heliskiing company Selkirk Tangiers, what means that I will get to know a lot of great colleagues there and probably end up doing a day of helicopter skiing soon. No later than that I will definitely have something to report about.

Until then, enjoy the winter and a happy new year to everyone.



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  1. Oda
    Thursday January 25th, 2018 / 02:23 PM

    Lieber Moritz, heute kein Kommentar, sondern unsere allerherzlichsten Glückwunsche zu Deinem Geburtstag und alle guten Wünsche zum neuen Lebensjahr. Wir wünschen Dir noch viele schöne Begegnungen und Erlebnisse mit vielen schönen Bildern und Schilderungen für uns zum Miterleben. Genieße weiterhin Dein Leben und Deine Zeit dort! Wir freuen uns aber auch schon darauf, wenn Du wieder hier bist! Ganz herzliche Grüße nochmals von Oda und Hubert

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