Farewell from Saskatchewan – the end of the next chapter

Farewell from Saskatchewan – the end of the next chapter

Another stage of life drew to an end. In Saskatchewan I now spent a bit more than two months, two weeks in summer and the rest in fall and the ice-cold winter of the prairies. The time there I spent doing an internship on a farm that runs a consulting business, which helps farmers optimizing their yields and saving on fertilizer, pesticide and fungicide. With my experience of my geography studies I could successfully bring in my expertise in this area. But enough about work, that’s not what we are here for. We are here to internalize the beauty of the prairies. This landscape, that got converted to farmland under great efforts in the 19th century and that now feeds the world. There’s not much of this traditional farming left, but here and there historic buildings show the history of the prairies in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. And ,of course, these were what I was keen on. Therefore, I have another slideshow for you summarizing the history-charged buildings, the endless farmland and the unforgettable sunsets, that I could see from my office window every day.



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