The road trip of my life – a balance

The road trip of my life – a balance

That my huge road trip is already over you might already have read in my previous posts, however, I really struggled to change my lifestyle from traveling to working from one on the other day. I fell into that hole, in which you usually fall after a holiday. Only that my holiday lasted about six months, that I confidently can call the most exciting ones in my life so far.

Let’s start with a, in my opinion, very impressive number. 32.000 kilometers. This is the distance I drove on to my van Max in less than six months. Probably more than I ever drove a car in my life before. Three-quarters of the worlds perimeter. Imagine where I could’ve been going to with that if I would’ve stunt been driving straight into one direction. But this is it, 32.000 kilometers only through North America! Thereby I have seen so many places there. And to be precise, I’ve only been to the West of Canada and the United States. However, I can now proudly say that I’ve seen almost everything worth seeing in between Fairbanks, Alaska, and San Diego as one of the most southern places in the States. in my life I wouldn’t have believed that I could say that at the age of 22 years. America, that has always been kind of a dream, far far away. The pictures at home in our living room and the slides of the holidays my parents once made that I could see so many times when I grew up. Now, many of those places are not only pictures anymore but memories in my head.

Let’s move on, a couple more balances: During the last six months, I visited 24 National Parks. I was at the ice cold Denali National Park, close to the highest peak in North America. I have also been to the deepest point in North America, the Death Valley, which is also the driest place on earth. Additionally, I traveled along the rainy Pacific Coast, that is home to some unique jewels in the rainforests. And I have been to all those mountain ranges, the Rocky Mountains, the Sierra Nevada and whichever names they also had. And obviously, I have seen a lot of things between those National Parks. 24 National Parks, that sounds a little poor for six months, doesn’t it? That’s why I wanna sweep a little further out and highlight the levels below National Parks.
In Canada, I’ve traveled to 14 Provincial Parks and even one Territorial Park. Even more impressive: In the United States I visited 21 State Parks, 14 National Forests, five National Recreation Areas, three National Monuments and one Tribal Park. I’m not even quite sure about those numbers anymore, there could be easily the one or other park that I already forgot about. All in all, I have seen so many different places, that I got almost a bit tired of it in the end. However, now, about three weeks after I finished my journey I already have this prickling in my fingers. This urge to just jump in my car and drive somewhere. To be honest, I lied a little bit when I said, that I’ve seen almost everything. There’s so much still waiting for me, in the beautiful west of North America.

It’s obvious, that I haven’t been traveling in North America for the last time. And it is also obvious, that I want to and will meet many wonderful humans here again.

Especially during the time I was traveling alone, I got to know so many great humans that it would be more than sad if I would never cross their ways again. But also the time I was not alone I will not forget. First of all, the big road trip up to Alaska with my travel buddy Moritz. Then the great spectacle of the solar eclipse in Oregon, that I experienced together with Rico. And in the end, of course, the time with my girlfriend and my parents. Sharing experiences yet makes you even happier.

On lonely evenings I’m indulging in reminiscence of those adventures with pleasure, but still, it is good how it is. Just a break, some time to settle down a little bit.

And then there is also the thrill of anticipation for the next adventure. One god damn whole winter season in the Revelstoke Mountain Resort! This will be huge fun and action.

In the end, I can only thank all those people again, that were supporting me on my journey and who were making all this possible. Without you, everything would’ve been different. Not that much fun, spectacular, impressive or fascinating. Just not so much North America.



  1. D.K.
    Tuesday October 24th, 2017 / 10:26 PM

    Mein lieber Mo,
    Regelmäßig lese ich deinen Blog um deine Reise auf diese Art und Weise etwas miterleben zu dürfen.

    Erst neulich ist mir beim aufräumen ein Bild von uns zwei in die Finger gekommen, da habe ich dich als kleinen wurm auf dem Arm… Und wenn ich jetzt diese Reise von dir, wenn auch nur online, begleite, dann muss ich sagen verdammt dieser kleine wurm hat es genau richtig gemacht.

    Ich bewundere deinen Mut eine solche Reise mehr oder weniger alleine anzutreten und muss sagen, dass ich auf eine gewisse Art auch etwas neidisch bin.
    Nicht zwingend auf deine Reise und dein Erlebtes, eher auf deine Art Dinge anzugehen bzw. Es einfach zu machen.
    Leider hatte ich in deinem alter nicht diesen Mut und diese Ansicht vom Leben.

    Angefangen mit deinem Trip nach Malaysia über Bali bis hin zu dieser Reise, du hast dies auf eine ganz spezielle Art und Weise gemacht.
    Und dabei die Welt und uns Zuhause gebliebenen mit wunderbaren Bildern und Erlebnissen mehr als nur unterhalten.

    Auf eine gewisse Art hast du bei uns allen das Fernweh geweckt.
    Du hast uns gezeigt wie schön die Welt ist abseits der Hauptstraßen, welche wunderbare Natur wir um ums herum haben.

    Dafür möchte ich dir danken.

    Ich bin stolz auch dich und ich hoffe dass du diesen Weg irgendwie weitergehst bzw. Bin mir sicher dass du das tun wirst.

    Und denke daran, Heimat ist da wo man sie für sich findet, auch wenn die Wurzeln ganz wo anders liegen.

    In diesem Sinne hoffe ich dass wir uns bald sehen, hören oder beides.

    Und jetzt bleibt mir nur noch dir eine wunderbare Saison beim shredden zu wünschen.

    Lieber Gruß vom Rhein

    • Wednesday October 25th, 2017 / 04:21 PM

      Wow, vielen, vielen Dank. Solche Kommentare erinnern mich immer an die tolle Familie und Freunde, die daheim auf mich warten. Außerdem ist es eine Bestätigung für das, was ich hier mache: Eine Menge Zeit in diese Seite stecken. In diesem Sinne: mal sehen, wann ich wieder etwas zu berichten habe.

      Grüße zurück an den Rhein,


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