Yellowstone – the great final (part 3)

Yellowstone – the great final (part 3)

The day has come, that meant to say goodbye to my parents and my girlfriend. The day, which I successfully pushed to the back of my mind so far. And, in addition to that, also the day, which would finish up my huge road trip. Of course, I still had to drive back to Saskatchewan, but today I would see and experience something for the last time. Actually, I should just be proud of everything that I experienced during this time, but today it was very hard to do so.  From the very morning, I had to deal with this weird sensation. Even the cute bisons, which blocked the road several times, let me forget completely about the upcoming farewell.

The little ones were pretty active in the morning.

On that day, we still drove to the place village Mammoth Hot Springs together where natural lime terraces have formed nearby.  One last time we curved through the park and enjoyed the beautiful scenery until we arrived. Small wood walks gave access to the terraces, so we could get pretty close to them.

Being right next to those incredible terraces.

One time those were snow white, another time colored.

Once water was flowing over the white terraces, but now they fell dry.

And sometimes they weren’t even terraces but other fantastic forms.

This really could have been an abstract painting.

This place really impressed me again. Like almost everywhere else in the park hot springs could also be found here, but nowhere else those terraces emerged.

Only here those terraces emerged, but why not somewhere else?

Microscopically small crystals formed this masterpiece, that emerged over time.

A closer look was really worth it. Looks a little bit like a small Bryce Canyon, doesn’t it?

Once again, simply beautiful. One last event was still planned after visiting the lime terraces. Bathing at the mouth of the Boiling River into the Gardiner River. Like the name already says, the Boiling River was incredibly hot as it drains the Mammoth Hot Springs. Actually, the water is way too hot to take a bath, but at the confluence with the Gardiner River, one could find comfortable places in the mixed water.  So why wait? Let’s go in and finish the holiday with a round of bathing.

One last time of bathing fun in nature. Goodbye Yellowstone!

It was really relaxing, even though we had to sway to not get too warm or too cold. A real balancing act, but it was definitely worth it. As long as possible we still stayed there, but then the time had come. One last picnic at the parking lot and the holiday was over. Three weeks, that none of us will ever forget. Even harder it was now to say goodbye again. Up to six more months, I would stay here in North America, until I definitely would come back home. Let it be said, this farewell was a lot more difficult than the one at the beginning of my year. Back then, all the excitement quickly let home to be a side issue, but now I already knew how hard it would be to be on my own for another such long time. Even the prospect of only going to two more places, both of them already known to me and with friends and colleagues, couldn‘t cheer me up right now. I was just sad and as soon as my parents and Caro had been driving off I emotionally collapsed. The three biggest supporters I had for the last half year were now on their way back home again. Without my decision to do this year here, none of us would have been here and I really hope, that those three weeks could express a bit of my gratitude for all the support. It took me not less than 15 minutes to calm as much down, that I could also start my last, long journey. Next stop: good, old Canada!


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