Yellowstone – the grand final (part 1)

Yellowstone – the grand final (part 1)

The last stop. Not only for my family and my girlfriend, but also for me. After six unbelievable months, the van life was about to come to an end. A journey, that topped of at the Yellowstone National Park. Three days of fascination in an incredible National Park, so big that we really needed those three days and because of that I have to split up this post into three separate ones. In the first one, I want to thematize what characterizes Yellowstone. Al the sparkling hot springs, geysers, and steaming vents, that proved the presence of the huge magma chamber below the park. The most of them we already visited on the first day. All around the Old Faithful, the most popular geyser of the park, which spewed its hot water into the air every 45 to 120 minutes, it was gurgling, bubbling, sizzling and rumbling all over the place. Many a pool really seemed to be inviting with its magnificent blue color, yet it was mostly a hostile terrain that you shouldn’t approach too close. To eventually get a good view of those attractions, several boardwalks that you could walk on were designed. So we spent the whole afternoon by gazing at those wonderful natural spectacles. Wildlife was also a bit visible on that day, but it got way more magnificent on the next one, so be excited about that.



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