Dead Horse Point and Canyonlands – two parks at the abyss

Dead Horse Point and Canyonlands – two parks at the abyss

By the time we arrived at the famous town Moab, which is widely known for the two National Parks Arches and Canyonlands and for the Dead Horse Point State Park. So many fascinating phenomenons so close to each other really are something special. Today I wanna thematize the Dead Horse State Park and the Canyonlands National park a little more. Both of them lie on an elevated Mesa, in which the Colorado River and the Green River have dogged their way. And both offer spectacular views into the canyons. Either the potash desalination ponds, boats on the Colorado River, labyrinths dogged out by water or bizarre rock walls, everything was spectacular in the same way, because the dimension of all of it was, once more, unimaginative. In addition to that a thunderstorm was rising over the area, that made everything look even more powerful. Of course, it is hard to capture the tension on a photo, but a couple good ones I have in my portfolio for you.



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