The goblin Valley State Park – guessing figures

The goblin Valley State Park – guessing figures

The way from the Natural Bridges National Monument to the Goblin Valley State Park was a scenic route like in a storybook. Therefore, the following gallery contains pictures from the way to, and from the Goblin Valley State Park itself. This one lays far away from any civilization. It characterizes by two certain phenomenons. On the one hand, there were, once again, special rock formations that couldn’t be found like this anywhere else. Because of the similarity of those rocks with an army of goblins the State Park got its name. There really were endless different sculptures and it was quite fun to interpret figures into them. Here a duck, there a squirrel, ah, and back there, that’s Kermit the frog! Which figures do you recognize? Oh, well, and there was the other phenomenon that I mentioned, too. Because of it’s remoteness the park identified as one of the places with the darkest skies on the world. And where else can you better watch the stars than on a place without light pollution. With that fact we laid down that evening on a tarp, covered with our sleeping bags and watched at the millions of billions stars at the night sky. As good a say camera made it possible, I even caught that one for you. Enjoy the compilation of this incredible day.



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