The Monument Valley – In the land if the Indians 

The Monument Valley – In the land if the Indians 

The Monument Valley, well known from several movies, was the next stop on our journey. Around noon we arrived there and drove towards the red colossuses that rose out of the desert landscape.

The first Monument that we could see from the Highway.

First, we didn’t plan to drive into the valley, as it was land owned by Indians and there were extra fees to enter the Tribal Park. But when we’ve visited the visitor center we decided to give it a try. And seriously, only the view from the parking lot next to the lodge in the park was already way more spectacular than from the outside.

The view from the lodge parking in the park. Spectacular!

Entering the park only really paid off as we could take the off-road tracks through the park with the four-wheel drive Dodge Durango, that my parents had rented for our journey. By that, we reached a lot of places in the park that weren’t even visible from outside the park. The first stop of interest was the viewpoint on the Three Sisters, however, not the three Sisters were what made it so special but something else there. You could get a photo there sitting on a horse on the edge of a rock with the Monuments in the background. The absolute dream for Caro, so that’s what she was doing for a small charge. And the resulting picture is absolutely a masterpiece. Authentic John Ford Feeling!

John (Caro) Ford on a horse in the Monument Valley.

A bit further in the valley, we stopped again for some wonderful rock towers that decorated the landscape.

Bizarre rocks rose out of nothing.

In addition to that the larger, elevating Mesas were a real eye catcher.

The high plateaus, called Mesas, could be found all around the Valley.

At their feet, the sparse rainwater gathered and allowed vegetation to thrive.

The green bushes made the barren landscape look more habitable.

The green in the desert really brought amazing contrasts. Green vegetation, red rocks, and the blue sky! The perfect balance for good photos.

Let’s zoom in a bit. The Valley was really huge!

In the end of the tour, we got to another viewpoint from where we could see the vast desert with the Monuments elevating from it. The entrance fee for the park definitely paid off.

The view into the vast Monument Valley.

But there was one more stop we had to do. As we were driving out of the Valley we turned over at the side of the road to capture the long, straight road running towards the Valley.

“Run Forest! Run!”

That part of the road, that Forest Gump once ran on his way through North America. It laid in front of us exactly like that. A great feeling! A wonderful end for a great stop on our trip.


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