Sonoran Desert – the land of the Saguaros

Sonoran Desert – the land of the Saguaros

Next stop, next desert. After we granted ourselves a great Mexican Dinner on our arrival day and spent the night in our air-conditioned hotel, we made our way to the Saguaro National Park. That one is the home of the biggest Saguaro Cacti of the Sonoran Desert, which extends over Arizona, California, and Mexico. Saguaros, that are cacti that look exactly like everybody expects a cactus to look like. Only they are really huge. Walking between them was definitely worth the detour to Tucson. In addition to that, we visited the Sonoran Desert Museum, which is a zoo, containing all the wildlife that lives in the Sonoran Desert. I actually was more fascinated by wildlife that I really see in the wilderness, but the park was really designed pretty lovely and provided a lot of interesting information. The rest of the day was then mostly occupied by car driving, as we still wanted to head further North to Sedona.



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