The Zion National Park- finally as a pair again

The Zion National Park- finally as a pair again

Finally, the day has come that I picked up my girlfriend Caro at the Airport in Las Vegas. We didn’t stay there but drove on directly towards Utah, as we wanted to visit the Zion National Park, before, on the next day, we would meet my parents at the Bryce Canyon. So we drove the four hours straight to the Park and arrived there in the late afternoon. On that day we only did a shuttle tour through the park and did a small walk to the end of the canyon, as we planned to do a hike the next day. We wanted to hike the famous Angels Landing, which lays in the middle of one of the big Horseshoe Bends and on which my parents and also my cousin have already been. Unfortunately, the hike was so popular at the time, that the trail was more like a highway. But still, on the summit, it was awesome again. And after that hike, we already moved on to the Bryce Canyon. Here are some impressions of our day at the Zion National Park.



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