The Highway 1 – Californias living coast

The Highway 1 – Californias living coast

I experienced Californias coast as alive in two different ways. On the one hand, which was good, there was a lot of wildlife visible. On the other hand, it was Labor Day weekend and there were masses of tourists on the road. So I mostly was stuck in traffic jams, what really strained my nerves. Generally, travelling alone got to an emotional roller coaster for me. It got really exhausting to always plan what to do the next days. But it was also more difficult, as California was just more crowded than other places that I’ve been. However, this doesn’t lower the beauty of a lot of places along the famous Highway 1, which starts south of San Francisco. I could tell you stories over stories, but I really have to slow down on my blog a little bit, why I will share more photo galleries in the future. Here’s one about the Highway 1.



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