Highway 101 – from the Sand Dunes to the Redwoods

Highway 101 – from the Sand Dunes to the Redwoods

I hit the road early the next morning to get on quickly. Somehow I really underestimated the distances in my travel plan. Now, I already made the decision of spending two more days for my way down to San Francisco. Anyhow, I wanted to get on as quickly as possible to see the most on the way. The first attraction I visited that day was the Oregon Sand Dunes between Florence and North Bend. On the one side I made a small hike and on the other, I stopped at some viewpoints.

A little bit of a desert in Oregon.

Parts of the dunes are opened to ATVs and other off-road vehicles. I don’t know if I ever saw so many crazy vehicles.

Everything that had four wheels cruised through the sand dunes.

After the Sand Dunes, a boring part followed on the Highway between Coos Bay and Port Oxford. But from there it got really cool again. First I made a stop at the Humbug Mountain Day Use Area, ate my lunch and took a shower in a crystal clear creek. Freshly washed I hit the road again. Today I wanted to make it to the Redwoods in Northern California, but once more there were so many magnificent viewpoints, that I wasn’t sure whether I would make it.

A natural bridge in the southern part of Oregon.

The southern part of the Oregon Coast somehow almost was more impressive than what I saw so far. Also, there was less traffic here, what made the driving much more relaxing.

on each lonely beach followed another one.

Even though I stopped that often I arrived at the border to California in the afternoon, got nervous for a moment as I had to pass an agricultural inspection with a trunk full of fruits and vegetables, but luckily all the cars could just pass. The last stop on that day then were the giant Redwoods. On the advice of Blaine from Oklahoma, I drove to the Jedediah Smith State Park, which is supposed to be the home of the largest Redwoods. The Highways through the forest were really something challenging. The road mostly went around the large trees, which made it a really curvy affair.

When there was a tree in the way, you had to drive around it. It’s that simple.

In the State Park, I then walked through the monstrous trees and couldn’t be less astonished. What a fascinating stop. Definitely worth the detour from the Highway 101. In the evening, as always, I cooked my tomato sauce and this time was happy more than ever about the fresh vegetables out of Melissa’s and Howard’s garden. Great day, I would say. Tomorrow, the road trip will continue. Keep rollin’!



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