Highway 101 – Cannon Beach to Florence

Highway 101 – Cannon Beach to Florence

The Highway 101 is just too long and offers too many sights, that I could report about it in only one post. Therefore, I split the stories a bit up. Still, it is hard to only choose the best of the best pictures, as there are so much of them. Whatever, should be fine like that.

I arrived at the Pacific Coast once more in the afternoon, the day I have left Portland. First, I stopped at the Ecola State Park. Lying north of Cannon Beach it offers a great view over the whole Cannon Beach and it’s huge rocks, rising out of the several kilometers long sand beach.

The famous Cannon Beach in Oregon.

But also the view towards North was quite spectacular and revealed the beauty of the wild Pacific Coast of Oregon.

The Oregon Coast is really a unique place.

In the park, I still made my lunch break before I went on. Next, I drove down to the beach to enjoy the afternoon sun on a beach walk. The weather was just fantastic.

Walking along the Cannon Beach. Kilometers of sandy beaches and the huge rocks rising from the water.

Later on, once more I drove on to the Oswald West State Park. In this park, I hiked through the dense forest to a viewpoint, from which I could see the Smugglers Cove and large parts of the coast in the south.

View on the coastline south of the viewpoint.

As time passed by and it was almost 6 PM I stopped right at the next viewpoint along the highway to prepare my dinner. It was a real lucky shot, that the next viewpoint was a fantastic one. Matter of factly, I enjoyed a great Vista during my dinner.

Another magnificent view during one of my dinners.

During my meal, quite a number of other tourists gazed at my van and the interior setup and I really enjoyed talking to some of them. By that, for example, I got to know Malcolm and his family, who drove on soon afterward. Much longer stayed Ron and Blaine from Oklahoma, who were traveling in a van, too. Ron spent his almost reached retirement with traveling and Blaine just visited him right now for a week. From Ron, I got told, that I could actually sleep at this viewpoint without anybody bothering, so I made myself comfortable there. Although it was right next to the Highway, with my panoramic window facing directly to the ocean, this was probably the greatest place I ever slept at. The surprise of the evening then happened as Malcolm came back to the viewpoint and brought us the leftovers of the pizzas they had for dinner. Amazing, tomorrow I will have Pizza at the beach then. The same evening I joined Ron and Blaine for a cup of wine and we shared our travel stories as if we never did something else than traveling. At the coast, it was actually pretty chilly, what didn’t bother me at all, as it was very comfortable to sleep. After a good sleep, we had our breakfast at dusk together and Ron even invited me for a coffee afterward in the lovely little town of Manzanita. Very nice, thank you for that! As I still had a great distance to cover I then said goodbye again and drove on to the south. I was so much slower than I planned, as there were so many great viewpoints along the way. At one viewpoint I could even see a whale appearing out of the rough sea.

It’s impossible to drive by those viewpoints without stopping.

To the Redwoods in California I wouldn’t make it on that day anymore, but maybe I could still make it to the Oregon Sand Dunes. Let’s see… I drove on and on, stopping each couple of minutes again because I just couldn’t drive past those great scenic views.

Mostly, Highway 101 winds its way directly along the coast.

At the Devil’s Punchbowl, shortly after the village Depoe Bay I even did another beach walk. The beach wasn’t very crowded and there was a lot of spectacular driftwood laying around there.

Another incredible beach, that I could explore almost without other tourists.

Just in the evening, after I fueled up the last time to a cheap rate, I arrived in Florence, where the Oregon Sand Dunes started. I would discover those tomorrow. Today, I only relaxed at the beach, ate the pizza and watched the sunset.

Pizza, Beach, Sunset, Ocean… Is there more you need?

Life can be so great. The beach reminded me a lot of the Atlantic Coast in France, only here were a lot fewer people. I actually felt a bit lonely.

The sunset that evening.

It sometimes happens, when you travel alone. I met so many great people in the last days, I could just be fine spending a sunset alone. Maybe I’ll meet new friends tomorrow.


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