Garibaldi Lake – Finally Summer

Garibaldi Lake – Finally Summer

Because I was now back in Vancouver and I had to wait a couple of days for my Visa, I decided to drive up to the Garibaldi Provincial Park again. Surely you remember, that I already reported from there earlier. Back then, the lake was still frozen and about one and a half meters of snow were covering the ice field and the mountains around. This time it was completely different. At 7:00 AM I started my hike at the parking lot, as I planned a bigger one today. I wanted to climb to the summit of the Black Tusk and then go down to the Garibaldi Lake. Usually, people hike this as a two-day hike. 27 kilometres and 1800 meters of elevation gain had to be covered, but I accepted the challenge with pleasure. After all this hustle and bustle in town, it felt just right to be out in nature again.

So I hiked up the trail towards the Garibaldi Lake again, but this time I took the turnoff towards the Taylor Meadows halfway. Shortly after that the forest cleared and revealed the magnificent sea of flowers in front of the steep rising Black Tusk.

The Taylor Meadows were a real sea of flowers at this time of the year.

From here it didn’t look that big, but that would soon change.

The Black Tusk, a big rock elevating out of the mountains.

The next turnoff towards the summit I took after passing the Taylor Meadows. From there the trail started to gain elevation very quickly, but still the slopes were covered with thousands of flowers until the vegetation got sparser and changed into a rocky landscape.

Flowers, flowers and once more: flowers!

From here, the Black Tusk appeared much bigger, almost a bit intimidating.

The higher elevations were dominated by a rough, rocky landscape.

Even though the cold wind strengthened up and the terrain got rougher I made it all the way to the summit. The last 100 meters were a very challenging climbing session. Therefore I was alone up there for quite a while.

And another summit, that I climbed: the Black Tusk!

Unfortunately, up there, many clouds appeared around me and there was only sometimes a good view of the landscape. At least some of the previous hikers have built a small wall against the wind out of the loose rocks up there, so I had a nice place for a snack.

Having a snack in the protection against the wind.

Whenever the clouds weren’t that dense, I took the opportunity to scan my environment. Whistler Mountain, Blackcomb Mountain, the Garibaldi Lake and even the Howe Sound were visible around me.

The view on the Garibaldi Lake, once there were a bit fewer clouds around.

After 30 minutes I got too cold to stay longer and made my way back down. Back through the rocky landscape, over a couple of snow patches, then again over the Taylor Meadows and then towards the shore of the lake. It was more crowded there, but it didn’t bother me, as I always found a small remote place somewhere. The scenery at the shore was once more breathtaking.

The Garibaldi Lake is a paradise during summer.

The water had its typical color of a glacier lake and the mountains around meanwhile appeared in a bright sun. Even the summit of the Black Tusk was now almost free from clouds. It was obvious, that this would just happen when I’m not there anymore.

I was all the way up there on this peak in the background in the morning.

Whatever, now I had the sun here, which was nice too. I spent a good time here, got to know a very nice Canadian from Quebec, who was traveling in his van, too, and later in the afternoon, I started my way back to the parking lot. I was very sore when I came back to the parking lot. I was just out of shape for such big hikes. Hopefully, I will soon find back to my top fitness. For now, I would soon go on to the USA. See you then!


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