British Columbia burns!

British Columbia burns!

It’s going up and down through the news here, but other parts of the world probably reported about it in a short summary. In the province of British Columbia, numerous wildfires are currently burning, covering the sky of the whole western part of Canada in dense smoke. Even at the border between Saskatchewan and Manitoba, the smoke coloured the sun into an orange, reddish appearance. Countless helpers do their best to fight the fires, some of them burning for over a month already. Some parts of the province didn’t get any significant rain within the last two months and are dry like dust. One single spark is enough to inflame a whole forest. I witnessed one of the forest fires at the Rogers Pass in the Glacier National Park. Each couple of minutes another jet of flames shot towards the sky when another tree caught fire. Only a smoking skeleton of the once so beautiful tree remains after that. The helicopters at the hazard site look really powerless against the huge wildfires. Luckily, yesterday a rain front moved over the province. The air here in Vancouver is clean again, there’s only to see now how long it will last.



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