The Northern Lights Wolf Center

The Northern Lights Wolf Center

I was on my way towards the West, but I didn’t stop much. The forest fires in British Columbia became so worse, barely anything of the magnificent landscape of West Canada was visible through the dense smoke. More on that tomorrow in an extra post. But there was still one stop on my way to Revelstoke, that I did. I visited the Northern Lights Wolf Center in Golden. I got the tip to stop there from Michi and Vroni, whom I got to know at the beginning of my big journey. In the Wolf center, wolves got raised but not bred. All animals there originated from captivity or didn’t have a chance in the wilderness anymore and therefore got brought to the Center. There next to a new habitat, they also got the new, important purpose of teaching tourists and school classes about an issue, that is only little known about the Canadian National Parks. Wolves slowly go extinct there, as humans decrease their population. This is not only bad because there are no wolves anymore, but also other animal and plant species disappear as they live in a symbiotic relationship with the wolves in their ecosystem. More detailed information about this problem can be found on the website of the Northern Lights Wolf Center. At this place I just want to present some eye-catching photos that I took at the Center, to present those gorgeous animals.



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