Calgary again – Change of Plans

Calgary again – Change of Plans

So I was back in Calgary and doubted more than ever about my North America Travel Project. I had everything planned very well and only did the one small mistake to trust on others experience but not do the research about the visa regulations. I needed to go to the consulate as soon as possible! The next morning I stood in front of the consulate at exactly 7:30 AM only to see, that it was closed due to a national holiday. Well, then let’s just go to Starbucks and do some research on how to go on for a couple of hours. Until noon I had pretty much of a plan but also my head hurt so I decided to do the best of the sunny day by going to the Edworthy Park to have a picnic and relax.

Who says you can’t go camping in a city?

Still bewildered I drove to the park and turned on the radio. Rock Calgary, no bad broadcast at all. But seriously? Did they really have to play “You can’t always get what you want” from the Stones at this time? Despite the irony, I still started to enjoy the music and my mood for the rest of the day was significantly better. The night I spent on top of the Mount Pleasant again, as it was pretty close to downtown and the consulate.

Downtown Calgary really has a very modern skyline.

The trip there in the next morning turned out to be a huge failure. Without an appointment, there was no change to get any help and I also didn’t get any information about my ESTA, which usually gave me the possibility to enter the States without a real visa. Aimless I spent another morning at Starbucks. There, I developed a new plan. I would apply for the normal B2 tourist visa and would get the next possible appointment in the consulate of Vancouver. Then, at least I would already be on the West Coast and would only miss the Glacier National Park in Montana on my trip. By going to Vancouver again, I could spend the next days in Revelstoke, where I felt so comfortable. Exactly what I needed now. Before I headed west, I had another thing to do in Calgary that day. I met Brent in the Barley Mills Pub in downtown for one or another beer.

The Barley Mill Downtown really is a fancy restaurant, but it offers a beer for the unbeatable price of five dollars.

I got to know him on the Agri-Trend Summer Training and we got along with each other pretty good. Now I found a good friend in Calgary too, that I will hopefully get the chance to visit soon again. For now, the chapter Calgary was finished for me, even if I could’ve spent a couple more days in this great city.

People, that float down the river in dinghies, stone lions on top of old bridges…. am I really not in Munich?

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