Calgary – The next Road Trip

Calgary – The next Road Trip

The two weeks of preparation for my internship in fall were passing by too quickly in my opinion. Finally, I had the opportunity to settle down at one place but then the time was already over again. I’m definitely looking forward to coming back for the internship.

So now it was time to hit the road again. The preparation ended with a training close to Calgary, from where I wanted to head south. Being there I used the chance to see the town a little bit. I hadn’t really planned to visit it before because I expected it to be a little bit like Edmonton, which nothing special at all. But I got positively surprised. Directly at the Bow River, which still had the stunning blue colour from the glacier meltwater out of the Rockies, was downtown. Along the shoreline, the Prince ‘s Island Park was a good mix out of natural habitat and recreation area. All in all, Calgary somehow reminded me of my hometown Munich. On a clear day, you could even see the Rockies.

The Prince’s Park next to downtown.

At last, I used the good infrastructure of the city to get all my supplies for the road trip through the west of the USA and drove off towards the south in the evening. As always it felt strange to drive to an unknown place alone. Farewells from known places or people are always the moments I start to feel a bit homesick. But this usually only lasts as long until I experience great new stuff. And there’s one thing you can believe me. I’m experiencing new stuff all the time! The next destination, for now, is the Waterton Lakes National Park. Be prepared for new adventures!


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