Yellowhead Highway- let’s go to Saskatchewan!

Yellowhead Highway- let’s go to Saskatchewan!

To get to my internship in Langenburg in Saskatchewan I haven’t even had to use my navigation system, though it was 1335 kilometers from Jasper, where I was now. The simple thing was, that I didn’t have to take a single turn on those 1335 kilometers, as I could drive all the way on the Yellowhead Highway. At the beginning, I was horrified to leave the beautiful mountainous landscape and to go on to the flat lands of the prairies, but after a while, I learned to see the beauty in this environment. My first stop along the way was Edmonton, where there was nothing special to see at all. Only the West Edmonton Mall was something I wanted to experience once. The biggest mall in whole North America. Along to a whopping 800 shops, there was a wave pool, several water slides, a sea life show with real sea lions and a fun park with roller coasters doing loops through the huge mall. Absolutely crazy. But still, I was glad when I left the city behind me and went out in nature again. My next destination was the Elk Island National Park, a small, completely fenced National Park along the highway. The National Park is a reserve for many species, elk, bisons, beavers and several birds amongst them.

A big herd of bisons was just grazing next to the road.

And you could actually really watch the wildlife. Sometimes just from the side of the road, sometimes from the trails in the park.

What a huge beaver! I never thought they could get this big.

The landscape there was rather monotonous. Birch tree forests, meadows and some ponds were dominating the environment. One day there was enough, so I went on soon.

Only the beaver’s lodges were worth stopping for a picture. Otherwise, the landscape was rather boring.

Playing some good music I drove along through the endless fields. Sometimes you could see the highway going straight until the horizon through your windshield and the mirror at the same time, the range roads branching rectangular of each couple of kilometers. But after a while, there were some rolling hills again which caused the highway to do some turns around them. No serious ones, for which you would’ve had to turn off your cruise control, but at least there was a little bit more of excitement on what there will be behind the next turn. Even if the landscape here was almost completely managed by humans it was still beautiful in its own way. Endless, yellow flourishing canola fields, hay bales and sometimes some grazing animals. And from time to time the old, historic crop elevators along the railway.

Since I can think we had a picture of those old crop elevators in our living room. Now I finally could see one with my own eyes.

My next stop then was when the highway crossed the North Saskatchewan River another time. It was already late and I drove into one of the gravel roads that lead me to a small meadow. It was still close to the highway, but in this chess board like managed country you have to do compromises. I cooked my dinner and experienced for the first time, what it meant to be in the “Land of the Living Skies”.

One of the incredible sunsets that happen here very often above this plain, vast, agricultural area.

The following day I finally met my future employer with whom I will work together for three months starting in October. This time I would only be there to do some preparations for two weeks, which will hopefully give me a lot of new impressions about this country.


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