Moraine Lake – The Dream of Canada

Moraine Lake – The Dream of Canada

There may be a lot of other beautiful places in Canada, but the Moraine Lake has a really special meaning for me. Pictures of the Moraine Lake were the reason I decided to do my work and travel year in Canada. Like at many of those great places I’ve also been at the Moraine Lake more than just one time. All in all, I drove the 14 kilometres long road up to the lake five times. Always with the one goal: Experiencing the Moraine Lake like on those pictures I saw. On the first and the second try, it only happened partly. Moritz and I drove by there on our way back from Alaska. One evening we were there and it snowed, the next morning there were still many clouds above the Valley of the Ten Peaks. But still, we could already see the magical colour of the lake.

Second time there, almost good conditions.

Those were the first two times. The other three times happened just recently, as I was in the Rockies again on my way to the internship in Saskatchewan. I was appointed in Lake Louise with Knox, whom I got to know on the ferry in Alaska, as he was in the Rockies at the same time. With him, I drove up to the lake another time. The lake was shining in its kind of unnatural colour and we walked along the shoreline to the very end of the lake. I learned a lot about photography from Knox, who did it very professionally.

Looks kind of like an elk, doesn’t it. I really liked it as a motive for a photo.

Then, the next morning, I wanted to experience it. The lake, exactly like on the photos. During sunrise. At 5:45 AM! But the wildfires in British Columbia upset my plans. Way too much smoke and too many clouds were covering the whole sky, so I didn’t even drove up again.

The smoke from the wildfires made it impossible to see the surrounding mountains properly.

Instead, I got to know David from Oregon on my overnight parking spot. Spontaneously I decided to stay another day there, as the weather was predicted better for the next day. So I joined David on a hike for that day. We wanted to drive up to the lake, but the road was closed because the parking lot was full. I then joined David in his old Volkswagen Van, so we would only need one spot up there. We waited for the sign to turn from “parking full” to “parking limited” and just made it being one of the few cars that could go up again soon after.

David’s dog Tigger really liked bringing back the stick. Even after what felt like a hundred times he didn’t get tired, but cold.

With David and his dog Tigger, I did a hike deeper into the Valley of the Ten Peaks, to the Eiffel Lake. The smoke was terrible on that day and we could barely see our environment.

Also not bad. Deeper in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, once more, you could see why the Rocky Mountains are called ‘Rocky’ Mountains.

Only in the evening the sky slowly brightened up and my hopes were rising for the next morning. It would’ve been my last chance. And I embraced it! At 5 o’clock in the morning, the sky was really bright, I woke up and, again, drove up to the lake and experienced it exactly like on those photos (header image).

This morning I got my perfect photo! It was incredible.

It just happened that I was at exactly the right place at the right time. It’s only rarely the case while travelling, but this time I made it. Sunrise at the Moraine Lake! Check!


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