Revelstoke – just stoked!

Revelstoke – just stoked!

I didn’t mention this place in my reports for so long now, it’s really time to write about this place-to-be in Canada now! In Revelstoke, I spent eleven nights, more than in any other place over here, except Vancouver, where I had to prepare my road trip, obviously. I was three times in Revelstoke during my travels, just because it is a really cool place. The first time I was here when Moritz and I were starting our way up to Alaska and he had to get some stuff from his hosts, where he spent the winter season. This time I got to know Hans and Catherine, too. We immediately got along with each other very good and had a great time there. Hans, a chef in several restaurants and kitchens back in the days, was cooking delicious meals for dinner each night as if it would’ve been the most normal thing in the world. After we’ve been out for almost two weeks camping back then, it was a good variation of our simple diet and we really felt like in heaven with those great meals. In addition to the overly nice hospitality of Hans and Catherine, I felt comfortable in Revelstoke immediately. Revelstoke is just a cozy, little town between the Monashee and the Selkirk Mountains, which are just before the Rockies. And it’s a paradise for outdoor sportsmen. Both in summer and in winter. Following this, all the people here are very relaxed and just love doing sport out in nature. I left this place with great impressions and was looking forward to visiting it for the whole time we were traveling through the North. And that’s what we did on our way back. Moritz had to pick up his winter sports equipment and prepared it’s journey back to Germany, so we spent some more nights at Hans’ and Catherine’s place. Of course, they welcomed us with another exceptional dinner. This time we got freshly caught fish, prepared on a barbecue. Very delicious!

Fresh fish! Nothing better than that!

It was summer at the time and we could spend a lot of time outside, for example at the Lake Revelstoke, which is a dammed lake along the Columbia River.

Summer in Revelstoke! Grab your dinghy and got to the Columbia River!

On this lake, we went out one day to go fishing with Hans and his friend Leif. We got four fishes on that day, which was actually ok for that time. I really enjoyed the time out fishing, as it really reminded me of my childhood, when my grandfather went out fishing with me in Northern Germany. The next day I just joined them again, so much I liked it. This time, unfortunately, we only caught one fish. That’s how fishing is sometimes. At the same time we’ve been there, also all the other friends of Moritz were in Revelstoke again, that I got to know on Vancouver Island earlier that year. What a coincidence! The perfect farewell for Moritz.

And now, after I dropped of Moritz in Vancouver and traveled through Washington State for a week, I made my way to Revelstoke a third time. The place just got me, I was really stoked! This time I came towards it from the south, so I drove by at the Halfway Hotsprings, which are south of Revelstoke. The drive there was a real challenge for my van, as there was only a really bad gravel road going to that place. But it was worth it!

Relaxing in the hot springs. Even great on a warm day.

In the evening I reached Revelstoke again and Hans and Catherine offered me hospitality another time and I was unbelievably glad, that they invited me to go out fishing again. So we drove out on the lake one day and caught eight fish, three rainbow trouts, and five kokanees. A very successful day. That will be a great dinner. I learned a lot about fishing, while we were out. Quickly I recognized, how the rod, which we dragged behind our boat, was moving when there was a fish on the line. So getting it in fast, take it off the hook and kill it with a hit on the head. That’s how it is. If you want to eat animals, you should at least be able to kill one one your own. That’s nature.

Me, just after we caught this beautiful rainbow trout.

Later, at home, I could refresh my knowledge about taking out the fish. That was my job now. It’s a little bit of a bloody mess.

It’s really something not everybody would do, but it’s part of fishing: cleaning and taking out the fish.

But the dinner was a blast. Own caught, fresh fish, grilled with corn and garlic bread and served with salted potatoes. If I will ever get such a great meal here in Canada again? Probably not.

The catch of the day on the barbecue.

Of course, I didn’t only spend time fishing here. One day I went up to Mount Revelstoke, a large plateau mountain. From there I had a great view of the Selkirk Mountains and obviously, on Revelstoke with the huge Mount Begbie in the background (header image).

View to the Selkirk Mountains from Mount Revelstoke.

Also, I met Matze and Bella again, who were still here and they invited me over for a barbecue. I had plenty of great experiences here in Revelstoke and I heard a lot of great things about the winter and the powder here, so now I planned to definitely spend some time here during the winter season. I will definitely come back! See you soon, Revy!


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