Seattle – Urban America

Seattle – Urban America

The first real, American, big city I visited was Seattle. I mean a really big city, I don’t count Anchorage as one. What should I say… Seattle really flashed me! What a fantastic town! So much multiculti and tolerance on such a close area. I absolutely didn’t feel like in Trump-Country.

I arrived in Seattle on June 29th, five days before Independence Day. I definitely wanted to spend that one here, but I used the time in between to also check out the National Parks around Seattle. More on those and the Independence Day in my next posts.

When I was driving from Vancouver towards Seattle pretty much everything bothered me. So much traffic, scorching heat and I didn’t even have air conditioning in my car. Among all the noise and exhausts I rolled in a stop-and-go speed towards downtown but turned shortly before and drove to the Capitol Hill neighbourhood.

Ten-lane highways and just sooo many cars.

Immediately I recognised the rainbow crosswalks and all the rainbow flags. Ok, this must be the tolerant area I thought. But even when I walked through Downtown shortly afterwards, the picture stayed the same. Everybody got along with each other.

A game of chess on the streets of downtown.

I felt very welcome from the first moment. Everything here was multiculti. Even the buildings. Distinctly more often than in Vancouver I found old, historic buildings directly next to modern, glass-covered ones. What a great cityscape.

A colourful mix: old buildings next to new ones.

Another place I really enjoyed being at was the Pike Place Market at the waterfront. Almost like in Asia the people were bustling around between the different stands, which offered nice handcrafts and delicious food.

The Pike Place Market directly at the waterfront of Seattle.

I stayed there for a while and then headed back through the city canyons of downtown. The sun really beat down, but the skyscrapers offered some cold shadow. Very comfortable.

Always look up, otherwise, you might miss some of the beautiful buildings!

Later on, I drove over to a viewpoint in the Queen Anne neighbourhood. Unbelievable! The skyline is just fantastic, even the Mount Rainier was visible in the background. I spontaneously decided to sleep up there. There was no parking meter around, like almost everywhere else in town, so this place was perfect. I cooked there, gathered some strange glances for that, but why not? Dinner at magnificent places. I Didn’t bother anybody with that. They’ve been probably only jealous of my couscous with tomato sauce. The time passed and the sun slowly disappeared behind the horizon. Again, such a tricky situation where you tend to do too many pictures.

Sunset over Seattle. And a shadowy Mount Rainier in the background.

This meant much work afterwards to sort them all out, but whatever. During my photo session, I got to know Abi, who moved to Seattle from India four years ago and discovered photography as a hobby. Together we talked for several hours and tried to get the best out of our cameras.

The magnificent skyline at night.
Moving the camera during a long exposure. The result is quite nice, isn’t it?

Shortly before eleven o’clock, I decided to call it a day and went in my car. I wanted to catch this amazing scenery during the sunrise at five in the morning. No sooner said than done! At five o’clock I was ready for action. It was only ten meters away from my home, anyways. If it really was worth it I still don’t really know because there was no really clear sight on that day.

Mount Rainier was better visible than the evening before, but it’s still a bit shadowy.

Whatever. I slept two more hours and then made myself a breakfast up there. Afterwards, I drove over to West-Seattle to visit another viewpoint, from where the skyline would be visible behind the water. So I drove along the waterfront around the harbour. Along two- or three-storied highways, I just missed the right way two times.

Winding highways along the waterfront.

Understandable, that the offline maps get confused by that chaos. Everything was just gigantic here. Somewhen I finally arrived there, enjoyed the view, had a couple of sandwiches for lunch and then turned my back on this great city. Now I went out in nature again. Two megapolis’s in such a short time where just a little too much for now. I would be back in four days for the big firework on the Independence Day. Until then!


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