Farewell in Vancouver – Taking stock of the first road trip

Farewell in Vancouver – Taking stock of the first road trip

Farewells are awful. So far I displaced it, but now the time came, that I would separate from my travel buddy Moritz, as he would fly back to Germany. I would travel on alone for now. I haven’t spent a single night alone in my van, it was just normal to travel together. Man, we had such a great time together. And hey, we made it to Alaska! So many good memories, that I will never forget.

A proof-selfie from Alaska. We’ve been in the Denali National Park!

Together we made it travelling on a small budget and still explored Alaska, the Yukon Territory, British Columbia and the Canadian Rockies. And we didn’t starve, died of thirst, got eaten by a bear or got lost in the wilderness. Au contraire, after a couple of weeks we were the perfect team and knew to help ourselves in each situation. Generally, we learned a lot from each other, as we basically were two really different characters. And with that, I don’t wanna refer to the great difference in height between us two. I learned from Moritz a lot of useful things, that would make it easier for me in the future. Thanks to Moritz, we always had a healthy, diverse meal.

The kitchen chef at its work. I was usually washing the dishes and cooking the pasta. That’s what I was good at.

Oatmeal and Avocados will probably stay a part of my diet for the rest of my life. In addition to that, I learned to school myself in patience. We were on holiday, so my typical German rush sometimes was really wrong at this place. Even if I sometimes was at the end of my tether, I always tried to wait for Moritz to finish his meal, too.

And also I now knew a lot more about skiing in Canada. a thing, that would probably help me a lot during the winter here. Maybe we will get the chance to meet each other then.

Now I was alone. In Vancouver, there were still some old friends I wanted to visit. In the evening, after I dropped of Moritz at the airport, I met the French guy Yannik, which I got to know at the very beginning of my trip in the hostel. We were cooking some dinner together in a park and played frisbee afterwards. Of course, we also exchanged the stories of the last two months. After that, during the blue hour, I went on to North Vancouver to Walmart, where I got some new supplies and also slept in the parking lot.

The skyline of Vancouver during the blue hour is always worth a shot.

It was very close to the garage I would bring my car to on the next day for an oil change. The second one already, we’ve been on the road for over 11.000 kilometres with the car already! What a huge road trip.

The next morning I likewise got a warning on my windshield, that there was no overnight parking allowed and I would be towed the next time. Ok, sleep somewhere else the next time, got that. Once the car was ready to go again, I drove by at Michaels’ and Sophies’ place, who were hosting me as Airbnb guest in the beginning of my trip. It’s just good to see some known faces, now that I’m alone.

For the next day, I planned to go on to Seattle. I registered at a ride share forum, as lowering the costs for gas was now on the order of the day. Maybe I’ll find someone who needs to go to Seattle, too. From Seattle, I then would go on to the Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier, but more about that another time.

So far, my time in Canada was probably the best one of my life, that’s what I can say with certainty. So independent like here I never had to be in my life before, but I managed to master each problem or challenge. Let’s just keep it going like that!


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  1. Oda
    Thursday June 29th, 2017 / 06:57 PM

    Es soll so weitergehen. Das wünsche ich Dir von Herzen. Und das ist auch nicht so ganz uneigennützig: so erfahre ich sehr persönlich etwas von einer Gegend, in der ich noch nie war und in die ich wohl auch nie kommen werde. Alles Liebe für die kommenden Routen, lieber Moritz. Od

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