Bartlett Cove – Farewell of the Glacier Bay

Bartlett Cove – Farewell of the Glacier Bay

What was really nasty about my trip to the Glacier Bay, was the fact that I had to wait four days at the Bartlett Cove until a ferry would take me back to Skagway. Not that it wasn’t nice there, but there was just not much to do there and the weather was rather bad. Those days I visited some more of the free programs from the National Park and went out to hike.

One of the more special moments at the Bartlett Cove. A porcupine ran over the street on my way to the Lodge.

Basically, there were only two trails. The River Trail and the Lake Trail. The River Trail was short and went to the Bartlett River. It wasn’t really special there.

A closer look on the smaller beauties of nature: some flowers at the shore of the Bartlett River.

The Lake Trail nearly filled a whole day and was more difficult with 18 kilometers to cover. Also, the Bartlett Lake wasn’t the most special thing, but on both trails, just the way was simply beautiful. I found myself in the rainforest of the rain rich coastal area again, but this time I just had the time and the quiet to take pictures from very certain details of nature. It felt good to get a more intense connection with your environment.

Another closer look. A tree that got halfway eaten by some beavers.

I furthermore cooked my food on the beach, used the WIFI at the visitor center sometimes and spent most of the time in the warming hut. It was just the most comfortable place when you weren’t that active and it was cold outside. I read my book there or listened to music.

Simply the best place in this rainy, cold environment. Tha warming hut was my favorite place to hang around.

On the campground, I got to know Geert from the Netherlands, who would go to the Denali National Park soon and was very happy about some advice from me. Then, the last evening turned out to get very interesting. In the lobby of the lodge, someone informed me, that the ferry would be late on the next day. This meant I could sleep longer. Nothing special so far. I was already back at the warming hut and was about to get to bed early again when an old lady came by and joined me. I figured out, that she was working for the lodge for some years before. I talked with her about the time she worked in several National Parks and was very pleased when I found out that she knew Michio Hoshino. You know, the photographer from the book. She didn’t know him personally, but she met many people who did. Furthermore, she told me that Michio Hoshino once owned a property in Gustavus. Exiting, I was so close to it. The time passed and after a while came Ethan, one of the employees of the lodge and was asking for a couple of friends who wanted to celebrate a birthday at the beach. But there was nobody. Because of the wind, the party got relocated to the employees housing. Ethan then invited us to join them, so I ended up on a party of about 20 young people and even two beers and a piece of chocolate cake remained for me. Delicious! With a nice impression of that place I left on the next day, heading back to Juneau, sleeping under the picnic table again and then traveling back to Skagway, were Moritz picked me up again.

One last time the Inside Passage showed itself in a beautiful light when I was traveling back to Skagway.

All in all, I had the great luck, that both the day of the journey through the Inside Passage and the day inside the Glacier Bay had perfect weather. It was an exhausting, exciting and wonderful trip. Fortunately, I decided to do the adventure!


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