Dempster Highway – Camping in the Klondike

Dempster Highway – Camping in the Klondike

Astonishing, how we just get a couple of warm days to go camping on the nearly most northern point of our journey. We just turned onto the Dempster Highway as we left it again a couple kilometers later to turn into a small gravel road, on which’s end there once was an old dam. Only a small one, but at the times of the gold rush it produced electricity for the big machines that were used back then. Today there’s a small, secret place to camp which we just found accidentally. Finally, we could just relax in the sun and light a fire in the evening. Thanks to a hanging construction we could even use our pot to cook over the fire!

Yukon-Style cooking. A stew over the fire.

Real Yukon Style! One day we then made our way up the highway to the Tombstone Territorial Park 60 kilometers north of our place. Unfortunately, all the trails in there were still closed, so we went on to kilometer 90 of the highway and hiked on top of the Rake Mountain, as the guy from the visitor center proposed to us. We were already behind the continental divide, which goes across whole North America, and the vegetation around us was now dominated by arctic tundra. Somehow like in the Denali National Park we had to find our way through the scrubs on our own once again. Anyways, it was worth the effort again. After we passed a beautiful ridge we had an amazing view over the vast valley through wich the Dempster Highway winds up north, towards the Arctic circle, to the North West Territories and then to the polar sea.

The Dempster Highway winding through the large valley towards the Arctic sea.

For us, the summit of Rake Mountain was the most northern point we would reach on this trip. We didn’t drive the other 600 kilometers of the highway, as we didn’t have the time and the money for the gas. You should always keep some destinations for when you come back another time. Happy about having finished the last hike in the arctic cold we then headed back to our loved campsite where we spent another two nights.

Sunset after midnight. Fascinating!

It was just great! During the time there several locals came by the place which were all happy about seeing us and even gave us small presents. One old gold miner left us a few potatoes and some fishing equipment, another two came to hunt at this place and shared a beer and a mixed drink with us afterward. In Canada, there are the friendliest people at home, really! The last evening our small paradise campsite dismissed with a beautiful rainbow exactly at midnight, just as the sun was about to set.

A rainbow exactly at midnight. And the treasure directly at its foot!

Recreated by the exertions of always being on the road we were now prepared to travel south again!


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