Fairbanks to Dawson City – Stories from the Side of the Road

Fairbanks to Dawson City – Stories from the Side of the Road

The journey from Fairbanks to Dawson turned out to be a really long one. Nevertheless, we experienced quite some good moments on those two travel days. Real stops weren’t planned on that route but the spontaneous traveler always finds some nice places to pull up. The first one came just after Fairbanks. Several road signs announced, that we would reach North Pole soon. There must’ve been someone really funny to call that place like that. But the village actually did a smart move and used its name for touristic reasons and so we found ourselves meeting Santa Claus in North Pole, Alaska, on that morning.

Meeting Santa Claus in North Pole, Alaska.

We quickly sent some postcards from there and went on. While we were driving along the Tanana River later on a viewpoint was announced and I told Moritz to stop for some photos. What a lucky shot to stop there! Because it was Memorial Day an old couple from Delta Junction has decided to give away some free coffee out of their old Volkswagen Bus which we honored with pleasure and a small donation, obviously. They even had cookies there!

A free Memorial Day coffee and a nice chat about traveling. Only happens on the side of the road!

And because we were talking so lovely about traveling the world for quite a while they even gave us ice cream tokens that we could use in their restaurant in Delta Junction later on. And that’s what we did! Another unexpected stop. From there we followed the Alaska Highway along the beautiful Wrangell-Mount-Saint-Elias-Range until we drove onto the Taylor Highway in the late afternoon. It was a bright, warm and sunny day and we wore shorts and T-Shirts for the first time on our road trip. We could even save up the money for an overdue shower by washing ourselves in a creek next to the road. In the evening we reached Chicken, a small village of gold diggers close to the border to Canada. There we could see a real Dredge for the first time in our lives.

There were signs of goldfever visible, as we saw our first dredge in Chicken.

Shortly after that, we took a trail at the side of the road to see a second one in the original place it operated at.

Not able to operate anymore, but once it was a money making machine: another dredge in the riverbed close to Chicken.

The excitement about getting to Dawson, the capital of gold, rose in us. We spent the night nearby the Taylor Highway in the Forty-Mile-River-Region. The last part of the way was the Top-of-the-World-Highway. And it really felt like driving over the summits of the world.

Looking down from the side of the highway. There’s nothing to get higher on this road!

Over high ridges between the hills the highway curved high over the vast valleys towards the Klondike. Now we would rock Dawson City! The gold rush fever was broken out!


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