Whitehorse and the Yukon

Whitehorse and the Yukon

Our first destination in the Yukon Territory was its capital Whitehorse. We arrived there in the evening and parked our van at Walmart, getting some new supplies and sleeping there. The next day we checked out the small city center and organized a canoe tour for the following day.

The restored waterfront of Whitehorse.

As we didn’t want to pay the high transportation fees we decided to transport the canoe by ourselves on our van. The colors even fitted perfectly. We made our way 30 kilometers up the Alaska Highway to the Marsh Lake, where we wanted to start our tour.

Max had to carry the canoe upstream.

We also spent the night up there. Then, the next morning we packed our provisions in the boat and started to paddle down the Yukon. After a while, there was the disappointment. Instead of currents and rapids, the Yukon only slowly stagnated through the valley, making us paddle for the whole six hours to Whitehorse.

No currents but rather idyllic: the Yukon river.

The landscape wasn’t that attractive either instead of some sections like a horseshoe bend (Title Picture) and the Miles Canyon.

Entering the Miles Canyon.

To cap it all we also had to carry the canoe and our bags around a dam, which was built before Whitehorse. But at least we only paid 20 CAN$ for the whole trip, so it was still alright. I mean who can say that he or she made a canoe trip on the world famous Yukon river. Something for my agenda! We now still had to get back to our car, as we saved the transportation fees. For the first time ever I hitchhiked to get there. Standing at the side of the Alaska Highway with the thumb up. Another thing for the agenda! After a short while Don, a mid aged family man let me jump onto the rear seat of his car to bring me back to Marsh Lake. We had some entertaining 20 minutes before he dropped me off at my van. On this evening we left Whitehorse and made our way to the Kluane National Park, which will be the subject of my next blog post.


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