Joffre Lakes – Thaw

Joffre Lakes – Thaw

The last hike before our big jump to Revelstoke was at the Joffre Lakes. The Joffre Lakes lay on a pass between Pemberton and Lillooet. The count three lakes that formed in a glacier valley. The way up lasts around 1,5 hours.

It was a bit slippery, but all in all, it was no real challenge.

We experienced a beautiful bright and sunny day that let the surface of the ice already melt a little bit, which caused amazing blue wet spots on the surface.

Beautiful blue wet spots on the melting ice surface.

Also, a highlight are the Hollow Falls between the second and the third lake.

The Hollow Falls between the second and the third lake.

We went down from the hike early on that day, as we still had a six-hour drive to Revelstoke, but that’s something I’m gonna report about another time. Now I will be offline for a while because our big adventure trip to Alaska starts now and we’re gonna spend a lot of time on the road and in nature.


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