Keyhole Hotsprings – Bear Visit

Keyhole Hotsprings – Bear Visit

As we already did two awesome hikes in the last days some recreation was on our bucket list. What is more perfect for that than hot springs? Close to the village Pemberton, which is the end of the Sea to Sky Highway, are the Keyhole Hotsprings. Indeed you first have to drive 40 Kilometers on a more or less good forest service road but you kind of get the feeling of a real offload road trip. From the parking lot, it’s almost 45 minutes to the hot springs. Then, on the way to them, it happened! We saw our first wild bear directly on the trail ahead of us.

So huge but only a small specimen of a black bear.

Of course, we have been uncertain about this situation and first backed up a little bit before we had the courage to go back on the trail. Shortly after that, we reached the small forest where we built up our camp only a couple of minutes away from the hot springs. On a construction out of two steel covered trees and a ladder we stored our food and granted ourselves some relaxation in the hot springs.

Relaxing in the Keyhole Hotsprings next to the glacier river.

Only after the sunset we made our way back to our camp, cooked a dinner and lit a campfire.

Campfire atmosphere in the evening.

At one AM we went to the hot springs again, being the only people there. It really was freezing outside but the hot springs heated us up a lot. It was a full moon night, so we still could see a lot of things of the beautiful scenery around us. We didn’t get much sleep that night, as the heat left our body really fast on that cold night.

The next day in the morning I explored the environment of our camp a little bit and I found a hidden viewpoint on the slopes above our camp.

Having a good view over the whole valley.

Next, we prepared our breakfast and then it happened again. Less than ten meters away from us the bear passed our campground without giving any attention to us. And it came better! He had his two cute cubs with him. For at least 30 minutes they strolled around the camp.

The cubs really had fun strolling around in the forest.

During that time we packed in our food again, put it up on the bear construction again and shot soma amazing photos of them. It became uncomfortable when they came back as they knew where we stored our food. Actually, the construction is built to keep bears away from the food, but it does exactly the opposite. The construction is a good idea but it doesn’t work if there are trees nearby which the bears can use to climb up and jump to the food. Exactly that is what they did.

The idea of the construction is good, but not if there are trees nearby where the bears can climb up and jump over to the food. Bye bye food!

We were shocked, that they were eating our expensive food. We vastly put down our tent and brought all our things back to the car. Later on, we went back to the place as we still had our cooking set up on the tree and we didn’t want to let it there and buy a new one. Luckily the bears were already gone with all the food, so we could get our pots and picked up all the waste the bears have left there. We brought it all back to the car and went back to Pemberton one day earlier as expected. But this was such an eventful day which I will remember for a long time!


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