Sea to Sky Highway – the Stawamus Chief

Sea to Sky Highway – the Stawamus Chief

The Stawamus Chief is a must-do-hike when you drive up the Highway 99 towards Whistler, which is also called the Sea to Sky Highway. Shortly before Squamish, the big granite block elevates on the right hand of the highway. You can go up on all three peaks of the Stawamus Chief, but the trail from the first to the second peak requires some surefootedness and skill, as you have to climb some steep rocks. The attractive things about the Stawamus Chief are the dense rainforests at the beginning of the hike and then the rounded granite blocks, that remind a bit of those on pictures of the Yosemite Valley.

Smaller than in Yosemite Valley but still impressive are the granite structures of the Stawamus Chief.

Between peak two and three a huge canyon can be visited, that reveals the view on Squamish.

Me sitting close to the edge of the big canyon between peak two and three.

Further, the first two peaks offered good views of the Howe Sound and the third one presented a view on the big Garibaldi Mountains. On sunny days the peaks bid for a nap as the granite heats up quickly in the sun. You will probably never be alone up there but there are many possibilities to find a rock to sit on your own. Even there will probably be some visitors. Not humans but squirrels that will try to get a part of your food that you arduously carried up the mountain.

The squirrels up there always try to get some of your food.

After the hike, it’s really worth taking the short loop to the Shannon Falls as well. We were very lucky because as we were there they carried a lot more water than usual which was a result of a strong winter and many days of rain before we came there.

The Shannon Falls close to the Stawamus Chief.

The stop on our way to whistler was definitely worth it and was a nice start for our hiking season.


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