Garibaldi Lake – Fight with the masses of snow

Garibaldi Lake – Fight with the masses of snow

The next stop on our list after we hiked the Stawamus Chief two days ago and had a planning day in between was the hike up to Garibaldi Lake. The Garibaldi Lake lays in the Garibaldi Provincial Park between Squamish and Whistler on an elevation of 1484 meters. Usually, it is still covered with snow during the spring season when we got up there. Like already mentioned in the post before, this winter was very long and rich of snow which was the reason we found ourselves up there surrounded by tons of snow. There was nothing implying the snow on the parking lot, only after less than one hour, we found ourselves being surrounded by snow. Another hour later we reached the Barrier Viewpoint, from which we could see the big rock that hides the Garibaldi Lake behind it.


Behind the big barrier, the Garibaldi Lake lays in a valley.

From there we went through deep snow passing another two small lakes and then finally reached the rim. After three hours and fifteen minutes, we finally arrived at the lake or better said at the huge snow-covered ice field. Even if we couldn’t see the lake it was absolutely amazing up there. The surrounding peaks formed an amazing panorama.

The peaks behind the lake didn’t really come out of the clouds…
…but the ones on the right side showed their full beauty in the sun!

This panorama makes the hike to the Garibaldi Lake another must-do on your bucket list when you ever drive the Sea to Sky Highway.


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