Vancouver Island – Backcountry Camping

Vancouver Island – Backcountry Camping

Once we were cured of the exertions of the rainy date of departure on Vargas Island, all the clothes were washed in a wash saloon and we took one of the really cold beach showers we craved for some more relaxed activities. We decided to drive to a Recreation Area in the hinterland of Vancouver Island to just do a little bit of cozy camping. Only late in the evening, we left the highway to drive another 45 minutes on a miserable Forest Service Road, before we finally entered the Snow Creek Campground. We spent three nights there and constructed ourselves a cozy camp.

Directly next to the water we built up our camp.

The Snow Creek Campground lays next to the beautiful Sproat Lake, that snuggles into the valleys of the island. In the middle of the rainforests around it, the campground offers several campsites, each equipped with a picnic table and a fire pit.

Directly next to the lake on that small peninsula is the Snow Creek Campground.

Finally, we found the time to use our whole cooking equipment. Over the fire pit we could boil some potatoes without wasting a lot of propane. I love potatoes, but on a camping trip you really get a denial of potatoes. Also, the others had some creative cooking and barbecuing ideas.

The fire pit and the hot fire allowed us to be more creative with our cooking skills.

During the days we spent our time with fishing, chopping wood for the evenings, doing sport, exploring our environment or just sitting together. The weather was dry most of the time but it didn’t really get warm, so being active was a good thing.

Several spots like this could be found around the campground.

The last day rain was announced so Moritz and I decided to dismantle our camp and split from the others, who wanted to spend some more days in the north of Vancouver Island. The next step for us was to go back to the mainland, where we had to organize some things and then will continue our adventures.


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