Vancouver – Preparations for the road trip

Vancouver – Preparations for the road trip

Slowly Vancouver develops to bother me. The city is beautiful and offers a lot of opportunities, but many of them I already experienced and slowly I crave for less hustle and bustle and especially for less high expenses. It took me two weeks to get a car, getting it fit for the road and building a bed frame into the trunk. Furthermore, I had to get all the camping equipment together, wich took some time as well, as I was mostly looking for second-hand utensils from other traveller and thrift stores. Luckily I spent the second week in an AirBNB apartment that I booked together with Johnny and Luzie, two fellow students from Munich. Because of that, I had some helping hands and a good home base from where I could manage my constructions on the car. At this point, I also want to thank our hosts Michael and Sophie, who lent us their tools and let us take their address as a shipping Adress for some amazon deliveries. Which amazing things I ordered there I will reveal in my next posts.

First results of my constructions in my van.

During the second week we luckily didn’t always have to work, so we managed to experience some cool stuff, too. On Easter Sunday the weather was very god, so we managed to do a small hike to Dog Mountain. After about an hour of walking through the snow covered forests, we reached the summit, which offered a spectacular view over the metropolitan area of Vancouver, Vancouver Island and even Mount Baker was visible.

The summit of Dog Mountain with me and my friends Luzie and Johnny.

Besides of the hike, we spent our week doing a brewery tour in East Vancouver, walking through Stanley Park and visiting Granville Island.

Going for a walk through Stanley Park next to downtown.

Now I’m really excited about my adventure in the nature being finally started. I hope my van doesn’t betray me and always offers me a comfortable bed during my five months on the road. The next stop is Vancouver Island. When I will report again is unsure, but I will definitely have a lot to talk about.



  1. Mike Mines
    Saturday April 22nd, 2017 / 11:56 PM

    Hey Mo, it was a pleasure hosting you! I’m thrilled to follow your adventures as you travel through the great Canadian outdoors. When I was a 22 year old geography student I did exactly the same thing as you; a friend and I made it all the way to St John’s, Newfoundland. Created some lifelong memories! when you come back to the city let’s have a beer!

    • Monday April 24th, 2017 / 02:44 AM

      Hey Mike, so cool that you visited my blog! It was such a nice time in your apartment in Vancouver. I’ll let you know when I’m around Vancouver again. It’s so motivating to hear those words about your experiences in earlier days! I really thrive to get lifelong memories here as well.

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