Day 8: The Lake Teletskoye around the village Yaylyu

Day 8: The Lake Teletskoye around the village Yaylyu

Yaylyu, this is a really beautiful place on earth. As you are marching through this Place it sometimes seems like time stopped and conserved the idyll in the nature. With a lot of caring the simple housings got surrounded by flowerbeds, which completed all colors alongside the green and blue from the natural environment.

A part of the village Yaylyu, which is lying on the hills behind the Late Teletskoye.

The village was shown to us by Evgenij, the nice Russian park ranger, who was proudly walking in front of us with his camera, always followed by his dog. Evgenij really was an enthusiastic Guide, who got really wrapped up in his role. You could really see his pride and his happiness over the visitors on each of his steps. Indeed he didn’t talk any English nor German, but Dima and Christina could translate the major facts of his presentations. Thus, the tour got a really interesting one. Especially the visit of a small museum, which contained a replica of a mountain hut, was really interesting. Those mountain huts usually were built deep in the forests of the park, where the guides could find a place to sleep when they did trips through the park over more days.

The replica of the mountain hut, which is usually found in the vast Russian forests.

Besides of the museum, there were several other places we were visiting. A bit above the village we found another climate station, one of the few in the Altay Republic. But more exciting were the remnants of an old steam engine, which was once used on a boat on the great lake. A bit behind it was a small orthodox church and something else. A solar power plant! Fenced on a meadow, this plant produced the energy for the village. Really innovative for Russia, where elsewhere renewable energies are used only very sparse. Th plant is part of a project, which constructs renewable energy plants on several places in the Altay, which fascinated me a lot, as those modern technologies look a bit strange in this simple environment. But in fact, the idea behind this is a really good one, as such remote places can be provided with energy without a connection to the main electricity network. How remote we were we would experience on the next day, when we were leaving this place. But back to this day. In the surrounding forests, Evgenij wanted to show us the pride of the village. Or at least it seemed to be the pride of the village. On large areas, apple trees were planted on the slopes behind the shores. Those trees were seen as common goods. Everybody could supply himself with the fruits from the plantations, as everybody was also caring for them. Something like a community project, which brought profit to everyone. Even for us guests there were some apples left, which were picked for us by Evgenij. In my opinion this was a very nice gesture, even if the apples were a little bit sour. From the hills we went on towards the shoreline of the lake. Throughout the morning the sun made its way through the clouds which let us stand on the beach below a blue sky now. The pristine beaches created another awesome atmosphere.

This view I would have liked to enjoy a little longer. The Lake Teletskoye, extending about 70 kilometers through the valley.

Having a tent in the small birch grove behind the beach for one week, that would be a thing! But unfortunately it was already time for lunch again, so we went back to our camp. The excursion came towards an end in large steps, so we sat together this afternoon, to collect all the results of our research, that we did the last week. In the evening we then sat together at the campfire again. Timo and I took out our cameras during the blue hour to take some photos, which would always remind us of this beautiful place.

The evening atmosphere at our camp on the beach.
A rain shower above the lake, which reflects the rest of the sunlight on the water surface.

On this evening my heart sank already because I really wanted to spend more time in the Altay Mountains, but other destinations are still waiting for me in my life, which will hopefully please me as much us this trip did so far.


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