Rotterdam and Amsterdam

Rotterdam and Amsterdam

In spring this year I got a call from Jake, a good friend of mine. He absolutely wanted to find people to join him going to Rotterdam. Rotterdam? Hasn’t been on top of the list of those places I wanted to visit in the near future. Solely the fact, that three friends from Munich live there for their education at the Codarts circus school, made the thing interesting for me. Frankly, I did not really know much about Rotterdam, which didn’t justify my hasty assessment. But being surprised by something new is sometimes a wonderful thing.

So I decided to join the group, which now consisted of four people. By car we drove off, a little bit later than planned. The streets were busy, as expected, and we actually needed the whole day to get to Rotterdam. After this exhausting journey, we then got pasta with sauce, that Kolja and Lukas had at their apartment, where we were staying at. On the same day, we then headed into the town. Whoa! The modern architecture of downtown really impressed me. A little bit of party, then we headed back home, cause Kolja and Lukas had to get things done on the next day. Meanwhile, we visited the city center during the day. Clearly a stunning restoration of the cityscape, after large parts of Rotterdam have been destroyed after World War II.

Modern buildings in the city center of Rotterdam

Specials on this day were the lunch at the Fenix Food Factory,  the visit of the circus school and the gigantic market hall. In the evening we went out for a party again, after we previously picked out a few good clubs on the Internet, which mainly played electronic music. We discussed before, on which day we wanna do our trip to Amsterdam. We chose to go on Monday, that we could go out on that Saturday evening. There would’ve been bad weather on Sunday anyways. So we just relaxed in the apartment on this day, only in the evening we decided to go to the sea. We really wanted to drive along the entire harbor, as it is the biggest one of Europe. The ride along the Europort was equal to driving through a science fiction city on another planet. Oil refineries, factory buildings, huge tanks and warehouses as far as you could see. In between a few wind turbines that hinted proximity to the sea and its fresh breeze. And then  finally we saw the sea. It obviously wasn’t a dream beach, but that didn’t matter, we were at the seaside! Directly behind us a few powerful wind turbines, in front of us constantly passing, huge transport ships.

The harbor exit of the Europort

Finally the day in Amsterdam. The morning we drove off to go to the capital of the Netherlands. Right in the style of tourists we marched through downtown, visited shops, and cafés and enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere of this city built on the waterfront. I will definitely visit this city again because there are certainly still some attractions waiting for me, that I couldn’t visit within that one day.

The wonderful architecture along the water in Amsterdam

If someone asked me for a comparison between Rotterdam and Amsterdam I would now answer, that I prefer Rotterdam. It’s a young and aspiring city with a wide range of opportunities. But that’s just for now, Amsterdam still has the chance to continue convincing me with its beauty.



  1. Lukas Lix
    Sunday August 14th, 2016 / 12:54 PM

    Yoyoyooo rotterdääm!!

  2. Kolja huhndreck
    Sunday August 14th, 2016 / 12:56 PM

    Jamaaann #bestecity

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